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AAMI Supports 24x7 Magazine, Health-ISAC HTM Surveys

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AAMI is pleased to announce its collaboration with 24x7 Magazine and Health-ISAC in surveying HTM professionals! The two surveys linked below will only take a few minutes and are vital to AAMI’s ongoing assessment of the conditions facing the HTM workforce, both as regards pay and the rise of cybersecurity threats.

Many AAMI members are already familiar with 24x7 Magazine’s annual Salary Survey. The 2022 Salary Survey painted a clear picture of the positives and negatives for HTM professionals. To build on these findings, 24x7 Magazine needs your help!

Asked about the importance of the survey, Keri-Forsythe-Stephens, chief editor at 24x7 Magazine, said, “It’s essential that acting members of the HTM industry take the 24x7 Salary Survey to ensure that they’re being paid adequately according to region and job title. The more participation in the HTM field, the more accurate our salary data. The financial health of the HTM industry depends on it.”

The resulting findings will provide pivotal information to anyone operating in the HTM space and are expected to inform future AAMI trainings and guidance documents. The 24x7 survey can be found here.  

AAMI is also supporting Health-ISAC, as they survey HTM professionals to better understand the major threats to medical devices, including threats to cybersecurity.   

Errol Weiss, chief security officer at Health-ISAC, stated, “The survey results provide the community with insight into the top threats and cybersecurity concerns facing healthcare organizations globally – information that can be used to ensure cybersecurity and medical device security leaders are considering the right priorities in their security budgets.”

Responses to Health-ISAC’s Threat Survey will provide the backbone to a forthcoming report on various threats and cybersecurity risks that threaten medical devices. The Health Sector Threat Landscape Report is expected to be published in January of 2024. This survey closes on December 8th.


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